Drawing Day 2009 will be Saturday, June 6, 2009 -- We will be holding inworld events at the Drawing Day Gallery! See here for details on inworld events. Check back on this site for our 2009 Drawing Day on SL web gallery!

On the first Global Drawing Day event on June 7, 2008, Ina Centaur led a twenty-four hour "art marathon", where she held the vigil and drew roughly 4 sketches per hour while rallying Second Life artists to participate in Drawing Day. Thousands dropped by to witness the event, and hundreds participated on Second Life. Some of their works are displayed at the sLiterary Drawing Day Gallery in Second life.

On the right column are some snapshots from the sLiterary Drawing Day Gallery after the event. It's interesting to note that different artists participated for different reasons. Of note, Ex Laks joined in to promote his eyebrow-raising movement of the moment—Fursecution. Below the series of snapshots, you can find some sketches from Second Life artists (although, because a number of the artists have their creations on sale, due to copyright reasons, these are very few of the drawings on display at the inworld Gallery).

Here is a brief fly-through of the Gallery that resulted from this day of carefree creation:

Second Life Photos from sLiterary Drawing Day Gallery

Selection of Drawings Created by Second Life Residents on Drawing Day
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